A Former Designer Who Quit Fashion Is Not ‘Ever’ Planning To Come Back

Is there a life without fashion? Well, we wouldn’t know, but Nicole Fahri – a now former fashion designer and the founder of her eponymous label – sure managed to redefine herself away from the world of haute couture and ready-to-wear. She claims she hasn’t done any shopping in two years. Seems like venturing into sculpture has really paid off to help her detox from fashion and force the designer past out of her system.

However, the newfound sculptor shows no remorse for the years of designing clothes. “I don’t look down on what I’ve done – for 40 years I was a fashion designer, and every day I enjoyed what I was doing,” she said. “But I don’t want to spend time thinking about fashion. I don’t find it important – that important.”

Nicole is currently preparing her debut exhibition, From The Neck Up, a brand that she spent 30 years building continues living the life of its own. “It has been bought again – I don’t know the people who own it; they never contacted me,” she revealed to The Sunday Telegraph. “It’s my name though, I know. But when I was 18 and a student living in Paris, all over the city there was this hairdresser called Nicole Farhi. So my name was out there. I always thought, how odd! It’s my name, but it’s not me. And that’s exactly how I feel now. If I pass a shop that is called Nicole Farhi with clothes in the window that I haven’t designed, it’s not me any more. They’re not doing what I used to. I have no connection with that Nicole Farhi over there. Me, I’m the sculptor now.”

Nicole Farhi AW '14
Nicole Farhi AW ’14

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