These Women Are Trying to Replicate Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love Kate Middleton’s style? Her outfits sell out like hotcakes—and even when she wears a dress again, we freak out over it like it’s the first time (she’s a duchess, people…re-wearing is pretty rare). Some, however, take the devotion of Kate’s fashion sense further than others, which leads me to telling you about What Would Kate Do, a blog that unites women who who are trying to replicate Kate’s wardrobe piece by piece!


What Would Kate Do documents the women whose personal closets are so Kate-influenced, they include exact pieces she’s been spotted out and about it. Fascinated by that sort of passion, I connected with the site’s editor, Christine O’Brien, who said they’ve been covering repli’kate (their word) closets since this spring when the royal couple embarked on their tour of Australia and New Zealand and fans were sharing Kate-inspired outfits on social media.

“The first time I repli-Kated was in September of 2011. I wore a blue dress, black jacket, and black wedges. I remember it exactly,” she told me. The most Middleton piece in her collection? “Probably my LK Bennett Sledge pumps. I purchased them in the same shop in Chelsea where Kate purchased hers, or so the saleswoman told me.” If that’s not street cred, I don’t know what is.

The latest fan the site featured was blogger Ashley, whose closet includes this very well-known Kate piece.

“When the Duchess was first seen in this sheepskin coat, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It looks like some Neanderthalic creation that would find itself outdated the very next season, and I was honestly shocked she chose it. Then, a year later while perusing the racks at my local LK Bennett, I actually saw it in person and instantly understood it’s spell. No photos will ever do this coat justice.”

“Much of the reason that I often turn to the Duchess’s closet when looking to expand my own is that she puts a high priority on excellent tailoring, and every piece she chooses is designed to showcase her figure in an elegant way. This blazer has a magically slimming effect thanks to the slight shoulder padding and flared hemline. Every time I wear it, I have people asking me where they can get it.”

“Ahh, the dress that started it all. Without a doubt, this is the piece from my closet I get asked the most about, if only for notoriety’s sake. Even though we’re sadly unlikely to see her don this dress again, I’ve found this to be one of the most versatile cocktail dresses I own. In person, it has a gorgeous fluidity to the fabric and looks particularly fetching in low light, making it the perfect cocktail party dress.”

“Because of this clutch, I graduated to a more sophisticated and elegant formal-dressing philosophy. There’s something about the soft texture of the woven straw that makes it pleasant to the touch and yet surprisingly hardy. My little bag has gotten an incredible amount of use while showing almost no signs of wear at all.”

“My bracelet differs slightly from Kate’s but has the same incredible versatility. It’s one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry, especially since my husband gave it to me not long after we were engaged to wear on our wedding day.”

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