Fall Fashion Shopping List: 5 Things I’m Buying This Season

Leah and Christina have both shared their fall shopping lists with you guys, and now it’s my turn. There’s a clear neutral color scheme going on, and that’s on purpose. I’m not buying much, so I need everything to mix and match without thinking twice about it. So without further ado, here’s what I’m picking up…


Furry coat, $169, zara.com

What’s not to love about this faux-fur coat? It’s warm, it’s a lovely shade of pink, and it’s a welcome alternative to the parka I was forced to wear through last year’s polar vortex.


ASOS Body bodysuit, $35, asos.com

I acknowledge that bodysuits are not the most practical piece of fashion, but there’s something to be said for the streamlined, perfectly tucked-in look they help me achieve season in and season out.


Manolo Blahnik BB Suede 100mm Pumps, $595, bergdorfgoodman.com

Friends, I’ve thought long and hard about getting plain black pumps but have never been able to pull the trigger. Yes, I am a fashion editor who does not own a pair of no-frills black heels. But this is the moment when everything changes. I’ve saved up all my extra coins and will definitely put them toward these pumps.


3X1 highrise skinny jeans, $245, jcrew.com

As you all may have guessed, I seriously believe in investing in a few pieces and wearing them into the ground. Case in point? These high-waisted skinny jeans I’ll probably wear ever single weekend.


Pleated color-block skirt, $86, bananarepublic.com

Every once in a while I want to get extra girly with my gear. Enter this pleated skirt that will look just as chic with a black turtleneck as it would a deconstructed T-shirt.

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