What Fashion Trends You Will and WON’T Be Seeing on the Emmy Red Carpet

It’s a big week for celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati. The VMAs and Emmys are back to back on Sunday and Monday, respectively—and that means that a lot of fierce celeb style is on the docket. Ilaria isn’t only responsible for the much-discussed red carpet outings of our style crush Nina Dobrev. She can also take credit for styling a long and impressive list of bold names, including Shailene Woodley, Leighton Meester (who’s way more experimental on the red carpet than Blair Waldorf would be), Scandal‘s FLOTUS Bellamy Young, and Lizzy Caplan. Plus just try to not feel a liiiiitle bit jealous that she also styles these guys: Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Theo “Four” James, Armie Hammer, Ryan Reynolds, James Marsden, and James Van Der Beek. I know.


Ilaria’s portfolio speaks for itself, but it’s worth emphasizing that she has a knack for highlighting her clients’ unique personalities through their outfits and making them stand out as individuals on the red carpet. (None of that styling clients as a mini-me type of situation here.) She’s a pro who proves that her job isn’t just about putting pretty people in pretty clothes. There’s a true strategy and a business to it—and Ilaria puts in the work and does her due diligence.

Considering the power stylist’s notable roster of clients, it’s no surprise that she’s been knee deep in pre-Teen Choice Awards, VMAs, and Emmys red carpet preparation for the past few weeks. With the TCAs down—and two best-dressed outings for clients Nina and Shailene—it’s a countdown to the Emmys on Monday, August 25. Despite the frantic crunch time, Ilaria took the time to multitask and chat with me while driving between appointments (using a headset, I’m assume). As we talked for over 20 minutes, I found myself wanting her to style me and be my new best friend at the same time. She has the best sayings and metaphors for everything and had some fabulous fall fashion styling tips to share (stay tuned for that one). But the Emmy red carpet is top of mind right now.

On Emmy red carpet trend predictions, Ilaria says: “I feel like we’re going to see more and more strong graphic things—graphic color blocking, graphic prints—and like less of this pretty, lacy nude, blush-y thing that was going on for such a long time. I feel like that’s sort of happening less and less and I definitely think pale blue.”

While she won’t divulge what her clients are wearing, she hinted that they won’t be wearing pale blue. “We’re not doing that, but we were going to, so I can give you that one,” she muses. “We had a really beautiful [pale blue dress] that we didn’t end up using, that kind of broke my heart…. That’s the saddest thing about being a stylist. The clothes you love that don’t end up getting worn, and then you have to give it back for other people’s clients to wear. [For example,] the Oscars this year was the first year that every single outfit someone wore, I was like, “Oh I had that, I tried that on someone.” Which was funny to see other people’s interpretations of it.”

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