Can I Wear Pink in the Fall? Your Transitional Fashion Questions, Answered

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Wearing pink is easy in the spring and summer. How do I transition it to fall? —@neonstarburstsx

I feel your pain. Judging by your Twitter handle, you’re the type of girl who, like myself, lives for a crazy double-rainbow explosion of color. For decades, we color lovers were tragically brainwashed into believing that specific shades could be worn only during certain seasons. And honestly, what a shame. When I think of all the wonderfully quirky and dazzling color combinations our outfits have been deprived of because of some antiquated seasonal “rules,” it makes me squirm in my Rachel Comey shooties.

Thankfully, those old color rules are fading into oblivion. Designers seem hell-bent on sending all manner of “untraditional” colors (and, come to think of it, fabrics too; but that’s a different column) down their runways, season be damned. Lucky for you, my dearest @neonstarburstx, one of the most prevalent colors on those kooky designers’ fall 2014 runways was pink.


The fall 2014 runways offered pinks in every shade—from blush to fuchsia. Left to right: Agnona, Gucci, Altuzarra, Marissa Webb, Fendi, Christian Dior

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s great about the kooky designers and all, but how do I wear the dang color in September without looking like an Easter basket?”

Below, some Dos and Don’ts to looking pretty in pink this fall:

DO consider fabric.
Fabrics are key. You can absolutely wear your floaty, petal pink silk skirt (or dress, or blouse, etc.) once the temperature drops—if you pair it with heavier layers. Ribbed tights, a chunky sweater, and a wool jacket not only provide extra warmth, they also provide gorgeous textural contrast.

DO remain neutral.
This is my go-to trick for making even the riskiest pieces work: When in doubt, keep everything else monochrome or super neutral. For example, bright pinks look modern and sleek when paired with all-black, lighter hues feel really luxe with ivory and gray, and peaches have much more depth when worn with taupes and tans. That being said…

…DON’T be afraid to go bold!
The freshest looks on fall’s runways were the ones that contained the zaniest color combos: pink with mustard or red or army green or Yves Klein blue. If you’re going to go this route, be sure to choose pieces in crisp silhouettes (no ruffles, ruching, or bows, please) and go with strong accessories (square-heeled boots or sturdy flats) to ground the look.

And always, always remember to follow the only fashion rule that matters: Whatever you wear, own it.


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