Kelly Osbourne: “I’m Not Trying to Be the Next Stella McCartney, I’m Trying to Make Fashion Fair.”

As Leah mentioned earlier this week, Kelly Osbourne is launching a fashion line called Stories by Kelly Osbourne on September 25 on HSN. I caught up with the designer and Fashion Police star to learn more about the collection, why she believes fashion isn’t fair, and to get the stories behind some of her major fashion moments.


Glamour: Kelly, tell me a little bit about the collection.

Kelly Osbourne: It’s called Stories by Kelly Osbourne because I believe like, when you go through your closet you’re like ‘f–k I wore that on the worst day ever. And if I didn’t wear that dress I would have gotten the job. That’s the dress I met my husband’s parents in,’ ya know? And I realized maybe I was a hoarder, but I couldn’t let the pieces go because they told stories.

Glamour: Right, they had a sentimental value.

KO: Exactly. I wanted to reflect my story in my brand. That I’ve been all shapes, all sizes. I don’t think the fashion industry is fair. I’m not trying to be the next, you know, Stella McCartney or the next big thing in fashion, I’m trying to make fashion fair. And make women feel beautiful and make clothing from size 0 to 24. We cut three patterns, and if the design doesn’t look good in all three it does not go through. I’m hands-on with everything from choosing the fabrics to deciding wear the pleatings go. I mean, for a couple of weeks I had to wear long skirts and pants because I was on my hands and knees pinning things and it looked like I had rug burns and bruises!

Glamour: Wow!

KO: Right? So each piece comes with a name and a storybook so the customer can write about the first time they wore it. The storybook directs them to the website so they can share their story and upload a picture, because I don’t want to use models. I want my customers to be my models. That way, you can click on the item of clothing and see how it looks on all different skin tones, all different shapes, and all different sizes. I think it’s a great interactive way for people to tell their stories.


Glamour: What do you think fellow Fashion Police star Joan Rivers would make of the collection? Has she seen parts of it?

KO: You know, she was a huge inspiration for me. I not only wanted to make it for all shapes and sizes but for all ages as well. And if you look at these pieces individually, it’s all about how you style them and put them together. It’s ageless.

Glamour: Why did you choose to launch with HSN?

KO: I wanted to explain it to the people. That way they can see how hard I worked on this. I didn’t just attach my name to something and I do know what I’m doing. Not that I did this alone. I had help and everyone was amazing. Anyone who says they didn’t have help is a liar.

Glamour: So Kelly, I brought in these three pictures because I thought it would be fun if you could tell me the stories behind them.


R to L: Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mishka

KO: This Chris Benz dress changed my life in the fashion world. I have a few dresses that have done that. A couple of years after Dancing With the Stars I started to get more comfortable wearing tighter stuff and I walked into the Chris Benz show in this look. I didn’t think it was going to work. I wanted to have Teletubbie hair and no one understood why.

Glamour: I could see that.

KO: Would you ever think that florescent pink, mustard yellow, florescent orange, houndstooth, and purple would go together?

Glamour: No.

KO: My favorite thing to do is take things that are socially unacceptable when it comes to fashion, that people don’t tend to like, and make them pretty. This dress did that for me. People still call this one of my best fashion moments and inside of it I was like “I’m dying, it’s so hot, but I feel so good right now.” It was really worth it.

Glamour: This next picture is from the Met Gala.

KO: I got a call from Marc Jacobs to represent him at the Met Gala. He picked me and Miley [Cyrus]. I had no idea what I was going to wear. You have no idea how heavy this dress was, but again, it was one of those moments when I was like, I’m at the f–king Met Ball! This is amazing! But I was also terrified. When you go up the stairs it’s almost like a receiving line because you meet Anna, and I’m like thank God André Leon Talley is there because, you know, literally, I curtsied because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do! Then I was like, ‘you idiot.’ But I love André so at the end I was like thank God I can at least joke around with you. That was one of my most fun fashion nights ever.

Glamour: Finally, this one from the Oscars. So beautiful.

KO: Badgley Mishka— they’re both so good to me. They gave it to me to wear, and I felt so pretty. But I was scared because at that point people weren’t really wearing white dresses. And if you think from February to now, everyone is wearing white. That day it was raining, I was the first person to walk the carpet at the Oscars and the only person that got rained on. But underneath this dress—people don’t know—because I had to stand in heels for 12 hours, I was wearing really high platform sneakers that I had made.

Glamour: I love that! You wore platform sneakers on the Oscars red carpet!

KO: We pulled it off! You know those moments when you look in the mirror and you feel beautiful? That was that. And that’s what I want to do for every woman with my collection. Make them feel good and make it fair.

Will you buy a piece from Stories by Kelly Osbourne when it drops in September? Discuss!

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