Lela Rose Explains Why Fashion and Dressing Is the Same From Size 2 to 22

Lela Rose is debuting a collaboration with plus-size retailer Lane Bryant next summer, and I think I can speak for both of us (yes, Lela and myself) when I say that it’s about time. “Every designer has known for forever how under-served this market is,” she told me over the phone. “We have a customer who comes into a store all the time and says ‘Why don’t you have my size? I want what you do, I love your fabrics, but you don’t make my size.’ We’ve always had the capability to do it, but the stores don’t necessarily stock those sizes.”


The collection will be available online and in its entirety in some stores, with all other stores carrying at least two pieces. You can expect lots of bold prints and patterns that should be about as far from drab, all-black, figure-concealing silhouettes as you can get. “In [the plus-size] market, it’s been these large, kind of nothing pieces that are either black or taupe. I think these women want print, want color, want fun,” she said. “It’s not like they want to cover themselves up. It’s very much what our regular customer wants, actually. The mind-set is virtually the same.”

The similarities extend past shopping lists too, with Lela telling me that the majority of women, sizes 2 to 22, will be flattered by the same type of pieces. Such as? The classic pencil skirt and designs that feature embellishments and detail on the upper half. “No matter what size you are, women really love necks and shoulders up. And they want sleeves. I don’t care if she’s a negative 2, she wants them.”

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