Why You Don’t Need High Heels to Look Sexy, Awesome, or Completely Chic

For #FlatsFriday inspiration today, we bonded with one of our favorite designers, Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall, over our mutual love of flats. As a crazy-awesome shoe designer herself, Jessie has some killer heels in her collection, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t find ways to make flats work for nearly every occasion when she can—and she certainly believes that you can look completely sexy/awesome/chic/(insert more complimentary adjectives here) without the help of high heels.


Jessie believes that comfort and style are equally important, saying, “When you wear flats, you want to be comfortable but look cool at the same time.” She identifies with the normcore trend happening right now, telling us, “It’s very much my style to wear something low-key and comfortable, like a sneaker, with something more dressed-up, like a great coat or skirt.”

Jessie has a love of the high-low styling mix we gravitate so strongly toward. Using flats as an easy way to achieve that balance, Jessie “love[s] the mix of dressy and not so dressy,” telling us, “I’ll wear flats to dress down an outfit. I’ll opt for heels only when I want to feel a little taller.” And can’t we all relate to that?


Spoiler alert: After talking to Jessie about her favorite shoes, we can’t wait to see the selection of sneakers she has promised us are coming down the pipeline soon! Her current favorites are the Loeffler Randall Irini slip-on sneakers in Shearling (see above for Jessie rocking the pair this summer!) because “they are cool and understated but also very luxe.” And if her flats to come are anything like these, you can put us on the list for every last pair!

Jessie’s advice to all of us, whether you’re a die-hard flats lover or someone who needs a little more coaxing? “Everyone should own a pair of flats comfortable enough for traveling but cool enough to make the outfit.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

Flip through our favorite Loeffler Randall flats below and stay tuned for the coming collection—are you as excited as we are?

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