Karlie Kloss Hit the top

We know Karlie Kloss as catwalker supreme, but she takes another role pretty seriously: her spot behind Karlie’s Kookies, the yummy-yet-healthy line she developed with Milk Bar founder and owner Christina Tosi. The ladies just celebrated a big milestone this week, announcing that they’ve donated a half million meals to children in need through Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED charity. Cookies for all!


Since starting two years ago, Karlie’s proved her mettle in the kitchen and nailed down her off-duty-chef look. “Jeans and tees got me through,” she told me. “My usual uniform in and out of the bakery is jeans and a T-shirt, so add an apron to my day-to-day look and I’m ready to bake some cookies. You’re also on your feet for hours, so a good pair of sneakers is a must.” And Chef Karlie has grander aspirations than the season’s hottest bag when it comes to accessories. Her dream, impressively, is “a fully accessorized Home Depot tool belt with all the best kitchen gadgets. Whisk, spatula, measuring spoons…the works!”

So has Christina seen her style affected by having a supermodel as a work mate? “In the kitchen, I wear clothes that are casual enough to throw an apron over and bake all day in but also girly enough to bounce out of the kitchen and into a meeting or an event without looking like i just came from work.” She shares Karlie’s sneaker love too, though she goes the hightop route, typically alternating between red Converse and blond leather hightops from Coach.

And, finally (because how could you not?), I asked both women to celebrate their half-million milestone by deciding what they’d like if offered the chance for an astronomical number of something to wind up on their doorsteps. Karlie opted for frequent-flier miles, while Christina got cuddly. “Easy. Puppes!”


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