Not a Hat Person? This Styling Trick Will Definitely Make You Rethink That

From beanies to fedoras to fascinators—hats are having a major moment right now. But not everyone is a hat person, per se. Like I tend to feel a little self-conscious and conspicuous in a massive brimmed hat (plus, I like to be able to stuff one into my bag too). But cool-kid milliner Gigi Burris could definitely cure me of my hat phobia. I mean, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Gaga wear her toppers, so why not?

Kate really likes hats.
Gigi showed her dreamy spring 2015 collection on the very appropriate Gallow Green Rooftop Garden of the McKittrick Hotel on Thursday. The rustic, foliage-filled venue created the perfect back-in-time fantasy-world scene for her summery, free-spirit-inflected collection full of wide-brimmed straw hats, floral embellished fascinators, an Ibiza-ready white floppy hat, derby-esque toppers, and adorable rosette-adorned headbands “for the Coachella girl gone glam,” as she said. But again, what if you’re not a hat person—how can you ease yourself into the trend?

“If you’re really really nervous about a hat, start with a headband,” Gigi said. “Once you get a lot of compliments, you’ll be more apt to upgrade to an actual hat. Just like you dress for your body type, try on a bunch of different hats and you’ll know the one that looks good on you. Then try to buy more of that style in different colors and materials!”

So there you go: Headbands are the gateway hat. But it might be time to get started on the hat transition now because the young milliner predicts that more dramatic statement styles will be the thing for fall.

“I think wide brims,” she said. “I think wider brims and taller crowns—like an Amish kind of style thing.”

Of course, Gigi included a few edgier takes on those Duchess of Cambridge signature fascinators in the spring offerings. Possibly because of the K.Mid effect?

“[Kate wearing fascinators] certainly adds more awareness to the product,” Gigi said. “So when she’s consistently wearing them, it’s great! It’s really wonderful. People are seeing it and are much more apt to wear it.”

Of course, because not all of us have Diamond Jubilees and royal outings to attend to, where should us commoners wear a fascinator? “Weddings, events, day parties, you could wear it out to dinner if it makes you feel special,” Gigi said.

OK, more important, how should we wear one?

“Just keep it really simple,” Gigi advised. “Don’t try to compete with a lot of jewelry. I don’t love to do sunglasses with a hat, but some people do. Just really celebrate in it!”

Gigi posing amongst her creations at her spring 2015 presentation.

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