It Takes Olivia Palermo Exactly This Long to Get Ready in the Morning


Olivia Palermo is so perfectly styled and so impeccably turned-out every single time she leaves ths house that I assumed it must take her forever to get ready in the morning. Turns out I was dead wrong. Now I’m feeling pretty bad because it takes me exactly the same amount of time—and my hair never looks even half as nice as hers.

I caught up with the street-style maven and fashion-blogger extraordinaire smack dab in the middle of Fashion Week to pick her brain about everything from getting dressed to the pieces of clothing that men just don’t get. Read on to see what she said:

My favorite Fashion Week breakfast:
Berries with yogurt and granola and water with lemon.

My favorite place to eat dinner in New York:

Number of shoes I tried on before settling on today’s outfit:

The fall trend I’m most excited about is:
Leather fringe.

It took me this long to get ready this morning:
One hour 15 minutes.

The show I was most looking forward to seeing this Fashion Week:

The last high-street item I bought:
I don’t remember.

The item I can’t wait to wear this week is:
The thigh-high boot from my Aquazzura x Olivia Palermo collection.

The piece of clothing I wear that men just don’t get is:
My high-waisted, 1970s-inspired flare jeans.

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