Today in Milano at 5 Vie – My 7 Ways by Astrid Beerkens

Today Amsterdam Fashion Tv in Milano at 5 VIE will showcase My 7 Ways by Astrid Beerkens.

Astrid  conceptualized this brand, My 7 Ways, in unique way giving special allure and fine touch to these fabulous line of products.

My7Ways is a specialized high end luxury lifestyle brand for both men and women. Astrid Beerkens, the designer and product developer has used the 7 colours of the rainbow as her inspiration for the line of products produced.


These include: Homecare (house perfume, scented candles), bodycare (bodylotion, showergel and body oils), perfumes and a collection of luxury hand-­made and uniquely designed leather handbags, purses and wallets from our own workshop in Portugal. One of these is the very popular “Beerkens Bag” which has been critically acclaimed by customers internationally.

Astrid Beerkens has specifically designed two fragrances for men, called Ebony & Ivory. These brands are completed with matching house perfumes and travel accessories, namely laptop bags and travelbags made from leather.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 2.49.18 PM


Astrid Beerkens will also present her new bag line in exclusive for this event.

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