What to Do When You Show Up at a Party Wearing the Exact Same Thing as Someone Else

Have you been there? You walk into a party and another woman is wearing the exact same dress that you are. What’s you’re strategy? Do you run home and change? Stay in separate corners? Take a picture together and Instagram it?

Well, we can all take a cue from wives and girlfriends of players at the Ryder Cup (a big golf tournament happening in Scotland) who do it right. They smile and enjoy twinning! Take a look:


The matchy-matchy looks are actually a tradition have been going on since approximately 1983, per the Telegraph. And The Globe and Mail explains that the Ryder Cup is the only golf tournament to require the spouses of competitors to wear certain outfits (it’s also one of the few set up as teams competing against teams, rather than individual athletes).

I’d kind of understand if it was just for the formal opening ceremony (where the ladies wore the black dresses, scarves, light camel coats, and ankle boots above), but it was all the time!


Here are Tabitha Furyk and Amy Mickelson (wives of American golfers Jim and Phil) strolling in matching white coats, pants, and brown boots.


I actually like how it makes the wives feel like part of the team since, honestly, I’m sure they’ve been a big part of everything that goes into their spouses’ success. Normally women work hard at avoiding this sort of thing, but every now and then it randomly happens. I don’t have any personal horror stories, but if you’re not in a position to do a quick change or add something unique (say a leather jacket over your shoulders), I think you have to take a deep breath and just own it.

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