Amsterdam Fashion Tv – Worldwide distributed channel

VANCOUVER, from May 24 – 2013 /CNW/ – Broadbandtv Corp., a North American leader in the aggregation, distribution and marketing of video content via the Video On Demand (VOD) over IP channel, and Amsterdam FTV. President and Owner of AMS Fashion TV Manuel Ivan Maria Perrotta have signed a distribution agreement that will enable millions of North Americans to access Amsterdam FTV’s content through the Internet and Wireless Channels.

Amsterdam Fashion Tv has been informed that there are “wanna be similar” content editor from other “FASHION TELEVISIONS” that are trying to copy AMS FTV content and marketing strategies. Amsterdam Fashion Tv has been also informed that some celebrities are been called to perform some job in the name of the Amsterdam Fashion Tv just to get in contact with them. We are aware of this issue and are planning legal action against people who are abusing the name and content of AMS FTV. If you need any information about it please write us at


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