Need Some Halloween Costume Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered

Halloween doesn’t feel too close, but believe me, it’ll be here before we know it (we’re talking to you, Halloween costume procrastinators. Sophia is admittedly one of these, and I know there are more of you out there!). Unless you’re one of those terribly organized people who already know what you’ll be dressing as come the end of the month, start thinking. And while you don’t need to pick your you costume right this second, you can get ready so that you won’t be caught in your regular clothes on the 31st.


With two weeks until Halloween…
Take a look through your closet (or your roommate’s) and see if anything calls out to you. I’ve thrown together fun costumes just from being inspired by something I wanted to wear—”Oh, I love that yellow lace dress. What can I do with it? A bee…a queen bee!” I threw on a tiara and was done. If you have a striped black-and-white blouse you’ve been wanting to wear, let yourself sit with it and see what you come up with (referee? jailbird?). After you’ve got the fab idea, start searching for the accessories you’ll need to flesh it out. Head to your local costume store for tiaras, handcuffs, a Viking hat—whatever.

With just one week until Halloween…
The pressure’s on, so start researching ideas other people have pulled off rather than waiting for a glorious idea to strike you. There are plenty of past celebrity costumes to inspire you (or fitness stars to impersonate). With three days left, you also have enough time to practice some makeup looks in case you want to go that route and keep your clothing simple. Start searching on YouTube, or check out these blow-your-mind amazing shark makeup tutorials, because, OMG.

With a few days until Halloween…
Guys, it’s crunch time. Unless you live above a Halloween shop, you’re gonna have to go with what you have in your closet. The little black dress is the building block of many a fabulous costume (Holly Golightly springs to mind), and you can also put your own spin on one of the holiday’s classics. Turn anything into a ghostly specter with pale makeup, baby powder in the hair, and fake cobwebs hanging off your accessories. Voila—a shopping ghost, a preppy ghost, a camp counselor ghost, etc. (The same idea goes for zombie-anything—just dirty up your clothing).

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