MEISSEN COUTURE and the MEISSEN COUTURE Luxury Group 300 Years of Luxury and Lifestyle.

MEISSEN COUTURE® is Europe’s most tradition-rich house of fine art and hand-crafted luxury. In the 300 years and more since it was established by Emperor Augustus the Strong in 1710, Europe’s top porcelain manufactory has evolved into an inter- national luxury and lifestyle brand that enriches all spheres of life with its fine “Joaillerie” collection, exclusive fashionable “Couture & Accessories” collections and its refined “Home & Art” collections. MEISSEN COUTURE® stands for “discreet European luxury”. Our creations are imbued with a heritage, beauty and sensuousness that go far beyond purely functional design and accordingly lend expression to a very special attitude of life and cultural awareness. We are defined by stylishly royal elegance, an uncompromising, legendary aspiration to quality and a demonstrably high level of value, something our interna- tional collectors appreciate. Creations from our house are treasured in all the world’s leading museums and regularly fetch top prices at international auctions. They get passed on and cherished from generation to generation for centuries – both as a precious memory of the past and as an investment in the future. Above all, MEISSEN COUTURE® means uniqueness, since each single object is individually handmade for discerning customers and connoisseurs with no end of passion and loving attention to detail. Inspired by thrilling journeys of discovery through our legendary three-centuries old corporate archives, each of today’s crea- tions is effectively a modern interpretation of major European heritage of art and culture appreciated by the connoisseur.


The Meissen manufactory, domiciled in the German state of Saxony, is a key member of the Group. It serves as the centre of excellence for the production of fine art porcelain objects as well as for skilful hand-painted decoration of the highest order – on fine materials such as silk, leather and porcelain.

A further key member of the Group is MEISSEN® Italia in Milan, from which the development of the “Couture”, “Joaillerie” and “Home” product segments is overseen. This is also where the company’s in- ternational distribution centre and VILLA MEISSEN COUTURE® – the Group’s European flagship store – have been set up. Our MEISSEN COUTURE® Luxury Group is now represented in more than 30 countries worldwide, covered by the local companies MEISSEN® Italia and MEISSEN® UK, in Asia by the MEISSEN® ASIA PACIFIC regional headquarters in Hong Kong and, within the framework of a strategic partnership in the Middle East, by MEISSEN® Middle East operating from the Lebanon. The Group currently employs some 650 people globally and has been owned by the State of Saxony since 1918. It is one of the Top Ten German luxury brands and, by dint of its unique history and the craft traditions it continues to uphold today, is considered to be a major German cultural asset.

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