The Florentine designer SIMONE Vannuzzi IS HEREBY IN NEW YORK

Nietzsche said, To Do is To Be, Kant wrote, To Be is To Do, Sinatra sang, Do Be Do Be Do …


Instead, the Florentine Simone Vannuzzi, with its To Be Think and Wear, continues its claim to the United States in New York presenting a collection that reminds her of Florence and Tuscany, a new concept of fashion, exclusively made ​​in Italy, emphasized by an unusual shooting on the streets of Florence, mannequins dressed by a fashion “designed and created” for the American market, “actors” who interpret the reflection of a new woman, the awareness of a new mood to take to the streets, the deafening silence of the city​​, and then the discovery of the color, violent flash of color that caress the soul, but also to abandon meetings, moments of joy and sadness, suggestions heart for emotions that come into most intimate thoughts, in his eyes, in depths of the soul …

Theme of the collection, roses and flowers, outfits lines simple, seemingly trivial, but only in appearance, clothes stringent to femininity never been so glamorous for women charisma evolved technique applied to the sartorial sportswear that appeals to the first look down … ‘dress that marks the body without force, jackets screwed, tailored jackets, flashes of light Swarovsky that emphasize the waist and hips, a soft mesh inlays with fascinating lights, but especially the new concept of sweatshirt, garment to Be reinvented, making it glam, a must for the season, a garment made ​​even more glamorous by day, and then in the evening, unpredictable, to meet the biker world for leaders who suddenly flannel inserts and edges of leather.
And then the languid rose Fane of Florentine gardens, the gardens of Palazzo Pitti, scattered on jackets, coats and down jackets cinched at the waist, a spirit “sport couture” from which come down jackets, evening screwed as basques, fine, rare and precious such as lingerie.

Looking at the palette, in addition to refined gray, everywhere, repetitive, are black, not color, bright, striking, glamorous, and then the warm, sunny yellows, soft blues; speaking of textures and fabrics the main element is the flannel, the cornerstone of the made ​​in Italy, and then treated in a classical way also unusual, roses printed on flannel for winter merry flashes and then again the unexpected Scouba, neoprene stolen equipment of sub, for a minimal capsule collection for a charming and sweet woman, Think and Wear … to Be designed and worn.

Article by: Cristina Vannuzzi Landini

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