Vor Makeup di Valeria Orlando presents the new official campaign 2014/15


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Valeria Orlando has been working as makeup artist in fashion, beauty, advertising for fifteen years. She entered in the makeup & hairstyle world almost casually, designing and creating people’s look in rave parties and dance show performances.

During the years of collaboration with several photographers, her works have been published in many important magazines. Valeria has created avant-garde makeup looks for several couture shows.

Her “one-of-a-kind” cosmetics artistry has been worn by supermodels and special guest including Valeria Mazza and Catherine Zeta Jones (for Versace). She served as personal make-up artist for Donatella Versace (2000-2003). Actually she serve as personal make-up artist many special guest ,actress,supermodels.

She’s fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese. She approaches her work with honesty and passion and she is continuously updating and learning new techniques to broaden her knowledge in the industry. The idea to create a make-up signed V)or was born there where beauty is a primary need: in fashion shows and behind the photographers’ eye.

Under the stage lights a make-up product must perform to its best. Valeria Orlando, international make-up artist, becomes aware in time of the need for a new product: expressive materials more sensitive. Refined for a High Definition make up.

Valeria is currently represented by ParadiseProduction.com and collaborates with Green Apple (Milan) and SiePhoto.com (Rome)


Creativity has always stimulated to sharpen the tools. The smile of a star emerges from a superb range of tones, made possible only to those who master the subtle game of pigments.

The search of sensitive refined and biocompatible materials leads to a chemical and physical exploration of the characteristics for an optimal performance of products, in colors and tones. V)OR foundations and concealers are made with a special formula “talc-free”, where no talc is used as inactive substance and where it is increased to the top the amount of pigments instead, up to a 57.9% against 30% of the non- professional formulas. Result? Absolute high fidelity in the visual reproduction of colors and tones, with perfect makes of over 360 different skin tones.

Covering effect exceptionally light and natural, unsurpassed full-color effect eye shadows and lipsticks. FORMULATION

The formulation on V)or make up foundation, originates from professional needs required by cinema/theater/TV and by beauticians. It is highly covering because it contains about 57.5/57.9% of pigments. The total absence of talc allows 100% availability of pigments, increasing the quality of the product. Thanks to the high pigmentation it is sufficient to apply a thin layer through a latex sponge to obtain a natural and dim result. The presence of very light wax favors a smooth application, fast and easy.

It hides easily skin’s imperfections, lasts all day and does not require frequent retouching.
It does not necessarily need face powder. It does not give heft nor grease sensation on the skin.

The Vor Makeup Video Campaign

The campaign concept is the result of Valeria Orlando’s creativity. It is unconventional for a cosmetics campaign: the fifth element, Love, is a reinterpretation of her team maxim ‘Give Love First’.

The same elements that keep life on our planet, Water, Earth, Fire and Air, are the four elements that made up the secret formula of Vor Makeup.

Images by Francesco Pellegrino and music by Claudio Quartarone.



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