Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Design Jewelry, And—Mic Drop—It’s All Under $30

I’ve found among my millennial generation that there are some girls who adore Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and others who just don’t get what the fuss is all about. I’m of the former camp, firmly, so much so that one of my favorite social activities during high school was watching one of their globe-trotting movies and eating Twizzlers in someone’s bedroom. I know—please don’t confuse me with the leader of the popular clique.


When I got news that the designing twins are joining forces with StyleMint for a jewelry collab, I was intrigued to see what it would all look like (after all, they both prefer bundled up clothes, which doesn’t allow a girl much opportunity to check out their jewelry game). Turns out MK&A prefer simple, understated pieces you could wear everyday, even if the piece itself it unique. Check out when I mean here and then prepare to shop starting Nov. 1. Oh, and in case you weren’t paying attention to that headline, every single piece of jewelry is under $30.






This isn’t the first time the twins have worked with StyleMint, either. They were involved with the brand when it first launched and have worked as advisers since, though this pretty stuff marks their first official collaboration.

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