KNITWEAR FOR PEOPLE AND PLACES © by Anne-Grethe Filtenborg

KNITWEAR FOR PEOPLE AND PLACES © by Anne-Grethe Filtenborg

Present a live fashion film and production

Sketchin txtiles in three dimensions. Staged with an exhibition of the designers work, a layered presentation combining live and stationary elements, seeks to bring the viewer in close whilst plying with the roles of spectator and objects.

Knitwear for people and places is a cross label of fashion textile and product design, focusing on innovation in textiles. The work is layered, tactile, light and refined, often containing 3D optical illusions, playing with contrasts, perception and transparency. The total image proposes a dialogue between outspoken graphics and minimal form. The research presented shows experimentation and innovation of jaquard techniques, exploring three dimensionality, transparency, texture and optical illusions. Fibres used are silk, merino, cotton, nylon and metal.


Steadycam by Joao M.B. Costa


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