Romantic fashions – frills and flounces - The Hague

If i was a fashiondesiner (sometimes i wish i was…) I knew it! I would gain my inspiration here in the treasury of this museum.

When I visited the Gemeente museum (The Hague) seemed as if time has stood still. The 19th-century exhibition ‘MR DARCY MEETS ELINE VERE’ was an inspiring experience and a ‘must see’. It was also a challenge to make some sketches.

The inclusion of contemporary creations shows how the 19th century still influences life today, as modern designers continue to draw

inspiration from its forms, silhouettes and techniques. Famous examples include the magnificent embroidery of Jan Taminiau (he opened the exhibition), the dandyism of Vivienne Westwood, and the (often dark) romanticism of Jean Paul Gaultier and Edwin Oudshoorn.

Jan Taminiau, one of the most famous fashion designers in the Benelux, is constantly looking for new ways to expand his romantic world. Often, his new ways lead him back into history to explore rich traditions, half forgotten crafts and original fabrics.

The details of embroidery and the rich fabrics were breathtaking. I was amazed by seeing the tightly-laced corsets. I dreamed away at the sight of the red dress that Nicole Kidman wore in the film ‘a portrait of a lady’. I can imagine modern fashion designers get their inspiration from these rich historical treasures. Actually it is never out of fashion only with a modern twist. The wonderful settings of this exhibition are created by designer Maarten Spruyt.

Romantic Fashions is open until March 22, 2015.

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Illustrations by Linda Zoon


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