Outfits Perfect for Hanging With the Family This Thanksgiving, Courtesy of Gilmore Girls

Holidays with the family can be stressful, period, and trying to figure out the appropriate outfits to pack is another must-do task that shouldn’t make you want to cry this Thanksgiving. To help, I’d like to turn your attention to something from our pre-adult glory days that’s sure to soothe as much as inform: Gilmore Girls. Are you smiling yet? The show was so good, zippy dialogue and Stars Hollow perfection included: Rory and Lorelai had the mother-daughter relationship of our dreams and a preppy, always-tasteful wardrobe that was basically made for a vacation spent with your extended clan.


A cardigan and pencil skirt is so gosh-darn classic, this outfit could be styled on most of today’s prime-time characters and you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. To modernize, keep the hemline under the knee. The pairing is perfect for sitting around the table, but you can also pair the cardi with a white tee and jeans for a coffee run with your favorite cousins.


A big part of the GG appeal was the close relationship between mom and daughter, made possible in part by how young Lorelai was. As such, her wardrobe offered up as much inspiration as Rory’s, especially now that we’re closer to her age than college (sigh). For a formal dinner, copy her combo of printed midiskirt and thin black sweater.


Swap Rory’s wide jeans out for a skinny pair (ankle cropped for the most flattering fit) and you’ve got an outfit that works for a meal out with your family or a night at the local bar reuniting with high school pals. It’s a hero piece that goes with almost everything, so definitely throw it in the suitcase. You’ll wear it more than once, I guarantee.

All kinds of brands have offered up their take on the preppy varsity stripe sweater in recent seasons, though they’re styling it more casually than Rory did with her pleated plaid skirt. Keep it now by wearing as you would a T-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans (or shorts if your family lives somewhere warm). Finish with loafers.

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