These Winter Florals Will Have You Dreaming Of Spring: Here’s How To Wear Them Right Now!


Just because snow has already fallen doesn’t mean you have to put away your florals. In fact, we would argue the gloomy weather gives you all the more reason to bust them out!

Winter florals can go one of two ways. If you tend to reach for thinner layers, even through the icy storms, make sure your floral patterns are based in deep hues. With a strong presence of black or navy, even that sleeveless blouse can be winterized. If you’re a bigger fan of light and airy tones, reach for heavier pieces you may not typically associate with floral patterns. Whether it’s a chunky sweater or bomber jacket, the unexpected pairing is what makes the trend work so well.

While frost collects on your windows and the heat in your home kicks in, consider winter florals this season. Not only will it brighten your wardrobe, but he infusion of spring may help with your seasonal spirit as well! Find some of our favorite winter florals below, close your eyes, and warmer weather will be here before you know it.

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