Vote: Which Were Your Favorite Fashion Trends of 2014?

Shocking but true: The end of the year is almost here! That means it’s time to look back and take stock of what we did, saw, and wore. Some trends were brand-new, others back from middle-school past, and a few that had been bubbling up in the last few years really took root and blossomed. Relive them here, vote on your favorite, and keep checking back this week—we’re tallying up your thoughts through Friday on the year’s best style transformation, royal, OMG moment, and more.

Best Daytime Fashion Trend
Styled properly, or worn heading to a casual desk, you could feasibly make these work for the office. Their best time to shine, though, is during a dinner with girlfriends and wine or a full afternoon spent shopping. The crop top, a holdover from 2013, had such a big year it’s impossible to leave it off the list; the same goes for the bomber jacket, a simple silhouette that rivals the leather moto for a chameleon-like ability to match nearly everything. Then there’s normcore, which feels like it’s been around for decades. While the blasé, I-got-these-clothes-from-the-thrift-store vibe evokes the feeling of decades past, the moniker is totally this year.

Best Daytime Fashion Trend

(Nasty Gal crop top, $52, Topshop bomber jacket, $115, Zara boyfriend jeans, $60)

Best Work-Outfit Fashion Trend
Unless you’re in a creative field, dressing for 9-to-5 can feel like an updated version of pulling on a school uniform: There aren’t many choices, and everything quickly starts to feel boring. This year, brands offered up tailored jumpsuits that were on the opposite end of the style spectrum from flirty rompers. Instead, these were crisp, buttoned-up, and the new frontier of suiting. The peplum top didn’t lose any ground, either, continuing to be a feminine option that makes a ruffle boardroom-ready. Totally new for the year were culottes, the wide, boxy shorts that fool the eye into thinking it’s a midi at first glance. Tricky to wear at first, when done properly they’re a strong style statement.

Best Work Outfit Fashion Trend

(Need Supply jumpsuit, $110, H&M peplum top, $18, COS pleated trousers, $125)

Best Weekend Fashion Trend
Two of this year’s biggest style moments were things I never thought we’d see again, including silhouettes, prints, and accessories you last played with circa elementary school. Yup, the ’90s, a typically ridiculed decade, asserted itself and with it, grungy pieces, prairie floral prints, chokers, and wide bell sleeves (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Overalls also came roaring back from childhood to suddenly feel unquestionably chic and cut skinnier to lessen the painful memories of your formative years. Ripped denim, a wardrobe constant, went big this year, replacing skinny slashes with big, massive gaping holes.

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