My 7 Ways by Astrid Beerkens at Masters of Luxury 2014

My7Ways is a specialised high end luxury lifestyle brand for both men and women. Astrid Beerkens, the Dutch designer and product developer has used the 7 colours of the rainbow as her inspiration for the line of products produced. Besides an exclusive collection of luxury hand-made and uniquely designed leather handbags, My7Ways also sells two exclusive house perfumes: Ebony and Ivory.


The Home fragrances come in beautifully shaped glass perfume bottles. Available in 200ml, 500ml and a kingsize masculine 1000ml. An eyecatcher in every home or office. The Ebony house perfume has a subtle, powerful, sophisticated and sexy character, composed of roses and the spicy and exotic notes of patchouli and nutmeg, combined with the strength of cedar and the warmth of cashmere wood. The Ivory house perfume is dedicated to the casual person who values freedom and sunny days at the beach, like a fresh bouquet of vanilla and white jasmine blossoms enjoying the warmth of the sunlight. The diffusers are packed in luxurious black giftboxes.

Including cedar wooden sticks.

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