Help Pick the Best Accessories of 2014: Vote on Your Favorite Shoe, Bag, and Jewelry

One of my favorite things about fashion is the way something can be completely foreign one minute and then everywhere the next. Something I’d never even heard of could wind up on my must-have-or-will-actually-cry list with whip-fast speed. Before you say I’m talking crazy, let me remind you that prior to this year, most of the world would’ve laughed if you tried putting couture and sneakers into the same sentence. I rest my case.

Best Bag
Even uptown girls wanted to go a little hippie this year and experimented with fringe on their bags. Bucket bags and backpacks, both longtime staples, came roaring back into It status, while the bespoke luxury clutches of Edie Parker proved ultra-covetable.

Best Bag

Best Shoes
Over-the-knee boots had been flirting with me for a while, but this was the year I finally got a pair, and, man, I love them. Birkenstocks, the original and a hole host of designer versions, were on stylish feet everywhere this spring and summer. Ditto for mules, a previously grandma-sounding silhouette that got a super-chic second life. And, then, of course, designer sneaks from the likes of Chanel and Dior.

Best Shoes

Best Jewelry
Earrings got super-sized this year, with chunky cuffs covering up more lobe than usual and classy pearls sprouting behind the ear as well as in front. The ’90s, a general trend, brought the choker back, and Fendi’s hot-selling Karlito, though not technically jewelry, still deserves a nod.

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