3 Winter Styling Tricks to Steal From Kate Middleton’s NYC Trip

Now that Kate Middleton’s no longer in the same zip code as me, it’s time for some collected reflection on the outfits she wore during her NYC trip. London’s just as chilly as Manhattan, so the climate was nothing new, and hidden in her choices were some very wise styling maneuvers.


Brighten up your overall look with a bold topper.

The winter can get dreary, ‘k? Kate totally embraced NYC’s all-black vibe (like the outfit she picked to meet—and freak out over—Jenna Lyons), but she kept things cheery by picking this flower-bright pink coat.


Wear a coat dress.
Kate’s kind of the coat dress queen, so it was no surprise that she rocked more than one during her time on this coast. They make your overall look chic and pulled-together instantly, but they’re also wise when it’s winter. I’m typically chilly, but leaving my coat on during dinner is too weird, so I suffer through being chilly. The coat dress has a similar vibe to the blazer but is meant to be longer and worn buttoned, so it offers more warmth. Win-win.


Show your shoulders for a sexy touch.
I adore this gown, but I get it’s a little fancy for pretty much everything most of us have on our calendars. That off-the-shoulder fit is getting more and more popular, though, meaning that you can find a similar look in casual tops (this is a favorite I splurged on for the holiday party season and have adored wearing). With long sleeves and a thicker fabric, it still feels cozy while being just a touch sensual.

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