Sofia Vergara’s Doing Something Seriously Sweet With Her Jewelry Collection

Getting the chance to talk jewelry with Sofia Vergara is pretty darn exciting. She’s shown off some of the best red carpet sparklers in recent years and is passionate about the topic, so much so that she just revealed her collection with Kay Jewelers (perfectly timed for the holidays, don’t you think?). When we complimented her on the stunning array of colors, she assured me it was totally on purpose. “When we were creating it, we decided we were going to do something a little different for them, and that’s why we came up with something a little more fancy, a little more colorful,” she said, citing the rich green pieces as her favorite.


AMSFTV: I read that as a newborn you came home from the hospital wearing earrings.

Sofia Vergara: All the babies do that! It’s really odd if the babies don’t have earrings in the hospital. I don’t think they even ask you—they just do it. The nurses do it.

AMSFTV: What’s the first piece of jewelry you remember receiving as a gift when you were young?

SV: When you are graduating from school or when you turn 15, you always get a nice piece of jewelry from your parents or your grandparents. Your boyfriend gives you jewelry. It’s very common. I still have all the pieces I got when I was young, and it’s so funny, people that know me say, “Oh my god, I remember that from 30 years ago!” I still have it all. Now that I am older, I’m giving it all back to my nieces or my cousins. They’re pieces that are smaller or appropriate for a different age, so I’m giving it to them.

AMSFTV: Are there any of those pieces that you’re keeping for yourself and still wear?

SV: I have earrings that I wear from when I was 16 or 17 that are really beautiful.

AMSFTV: I’m so impressed thinking that you’ve never lost any piece of jewelry from when you were younger!

SV: I’ve never lost anything! The only time I did was because I was married already, it was 20-something years ago, someone broke into my apartment through my air conditioner and they stole something I had on my night table, like this beautiful emerald bracelet form my grandmother. They took that, and that’s the only reason I lost something.

AMSFTV: Do you have any tips for keeping track of everything?

SV: I’m very organized, and I put them away. I don’t leave them out, and I’m always conscious of them when I’m wearing them at home. I’m thinking about it all the time.

AMSFTV: You know the advice about taking off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house? Agree or disagree?

SV: The more the merrier for me, but if I have family [around] or something I’ll ask “Is this too much?” because I can go crazy sometimes.

AMSFTV: Is there one person who you know will tell you if you need to take something off, no question?

SV: All of them! Latin families are all about that. You don’t even have to ask them; they’ll tell you.



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