Kellan Lutz Says You Should Get Your Guy Clothes for the Holidays. Seriously

Buying gifts for a boyfriend or husband can be one of the most frustrating parts of holiday shopping, beat only by the searing disappointment you feel when you think you have a major winner and are met by a less-than-tepid response. To negate the amount of stress, I jumped at the opportunity to ask the beyond-handsome Kellan Lutz his thoughts on what ladies should—and should not—get for their significant others.


“Women tend to go straight to technology and cool gadgets. When they do, they usually get something outdated or that they may already have but don’t use,” he said. “They bypass comfortable and functional clothes for daily wear that men will appreciate more.”

But wait, ladies. Before you think that’s basically a free pass to upgrade your man’s wardrobe to something you’d like to see in there, Kellan reminded me that it’s important to think about what he wants (it’s a cornerstone of good gift-giving, after all). “The most common mistake [a woman can make] is buying what she thinks the guy should wear. This applies to clothing, shoes, and cologne.”

His advice for making sure you get him something he’ll like is super simple (and exactly what my husband and I decided to do this year). “Ask the guy for three things he wants and surprise him with one of them. That way you know you can’t go wrong, and it’s still a surprise.”

A hot dude who’s good at gift giving? Kellan, you’re a dream.

If you’re searching for a present for a brother or good guy friend, he suggested this heavy-lined hoodie from Abbot + Main. “It’s warm, and I’m all about being comfortable and warm during the colder months.”

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