Diamond Ball Best Dressed: Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna x2!

The best dressed from last night’s Diamond Ball had some to-be-expected looks, Kim Kardashian’s scandalous number included, but the outfit I liked most of all is something I hope we see more of: Rihanna in beyond-stunning, ultra-glamorous Zac Posen (x2!).


Here’s the view of Rihanna’s first gown from the front. The elegant sculptural silhouette is classic Zac, and I love that it’s off the shoulder (one of my current fave styles to wear). Jewelry-wise, the solo mega necklace was perfect.


And because you’ve also gotta see it from the back, here you go. The dramatic cut in and flare outward is stunning (as is the fold of the back that creates a wide plane).


Kim did a combo of bodysuit and wide, sparkly fishnet overlay so intriguing, I couldn’t help but like it a little. She kept that long, floor-sweeping jacket on all night too (or at least in all the pics I saw), so it was definitely part of the overall look. That added volume was a smart choice, since without it would’ve felt too exposed.


Salma Hayek would look stunning in almost anything, but this easy style was especially figure-flattering. To note: the short sleeves (almost cut like a T-shirt) and the cinched waist directly at the slimmest part of her body. Also, how fun is that hot pink leopard print?


Hi, Ellen Pompeo! Round these parts, we love a jumpsuit for cocktail hour, and she did it perfectly. To try in the winter months, copy her and pick long sleeves and a touch of warm, fuzzy velvet.


Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, picked white, and I loved how light and feminine it felt, especially with the uneven hem. I’m also digging the sweet touch of the rose-gold sandals.

Now, for Rihanna’s second style moment. She changed into this full, fit-for-a-princess navy gown that is my dream of life. If I were an actress with red carpets built into my career, I’d want to wear a version of this every single time. Dresses like this are most magical when moving, so please notice the final swish of this Insta.

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