Try These Expert Tips for Packing Light for a Vacation

If editing fashion has taught me anything, its how to pack in a carry-on and ensure everything inside works for any occasion on tap. I never check a bag, unless it’s my skis, which ensures I’m never stuck without a toothbrush or bikini should my bag miss its connection.

How do I do this? Stick with one color palette; if it doesn’t go with three other pieces in your suitcase, save it for an event at home!

Since the holidays take people all over the globe, I thought I’d share my favorite packing rules for the most popular December getaways and outfit ideas on how to follow them.

For a tropical vacation, less is more. Oh, and it’s all about the cardigan.
Luckily, swimsuits are easy to pack, and two cover-ups to alternate are all one needs for lazy beach days. Keep packing light by committing to flats exclusively. Pack chic flats that go from day to night and a simple cotton cardigan that acts as a warm layer on the plane and breezy shoulder cover at alfresco dinners. Keep your layers white and tan, with the occasional pop of red.


Thomas Maier red bikini, Ancient Greek Sandals flats, Uniqlo V-neck cardigan, Zimmermann cover-up

When painting the town a sleek but waterproof jacket is key!
Be it NYC or Paris, big-city travel in winter months can be bulky. With sightseeing on every day’s agenda, all anyone ever sees is a coat and boots; and let’s face it, when when has a forecast ever been accurate on major travel days? Outerwear that can keep up with the occasional rain or snow flurry is a must when roaming windy city streets. A gray coat is a great neutral alternative to black and will help you stand out in Times Square New Year’s Eve crowd while staying neutral. Pair with sleek leather Chelsea boots and velvet jeans to stay warm while roaming the city, chic as a local.


Aether Arctic trench, Charlotte Gainsbourg for Current Elliot velvet jeans, Church’s Chelsea boots, LK Bennett pom-pom beanie

Packing light for a holiday slopeside if almost impossible. Pack what you can in your ski bag.
With ski pants, boots, goggles, and helmet in tow, it can seem almost impossible to carry on when Aspen-bound. Try this: Wrap your skis in your base layers and pants, giving your ski bag extra padding in the cargo freight and freeing up room for cashmere layers in your carry-on. Once squared away, strap your helmet and boots to the outside of your carry-on duffel.

Warmth technology is so advanced these days that one doesn’t really need to bulk up for a mountain getaway. Invest in a fabulous furry scarf that can act as airplane pillow, apres accessory, and night-out outfit updater. I love bright colors on the slopes since I don’t wear them in my everyday life. Work around your chosen pop of bright technical gear and pair with simple shades of black and navy.


Lacroix ski jacket, Perfect Moment ski pants, Trademark hat, ASOS faux-fur lapel scarf

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