7 Pieces You Need to Get Noticed at Work in 2015

If you’re headed into the office, you’ve gotta wear something—why not let that something include special pieces, unique shapes, or looks-so-expensive tailoring that’ll make it pretty much impossible for bosses and coworkers to not pick up their heads and think “dang, that girl looks great”? Caveat: I know my workwear is among the most flexible since I’m in a creative environment (love you, Glamour!) but all of these pieces can be added to your wardrobe, no matter the occupation. Got a uniform like scrubs? That’s what accessories are for, my dear.


#1. An out-of-the-box blazer. I had this in my cart the moment I saw it, that’s how good it is. It’s sharp and unique, but also not so far left-field that it’s too outlandish for a business meeting.

Nasty Gal cape blazer, $68, nasty gal.com


#2. A perfect fitting dress. A great fit can make all the difference, especially when you’re talking simple wardrobe basics. There are all kinds of interesting new opportunities to create custom pieces, like this printed style from PIOL (here’s how to properly measure yourself for bespoke work). If your budget is more limited, find a good quality item at the department store and check in with a tailor for tweaks to make it look like it was made for you.

PIOL dress, price varies, pioldress.com


#3. Wide-leg trousers. If your work pant game has mostly consisted of simple, bootcut trousers, it’s time to shake things up. The return of wide-leg pants has been chic and they’re a classy throwback that pushes current style boundaries by bringing them back a few decades.

Chelsea28 pants, $88, nordstrom.com


#4. A white dress. The color’s easy enough to pack in your vacation suitcase, but it hasn’t gained as much traction in the office. It’s time to change that, an easy enough feat now that plenty of crisp, professional options are to be found (no longer just floaty, breezy sundresses).

Kate Spade Saturday dress, $91 on sale, saturday.com

#5. Out-of-the-ordinary pumps.
In a buttoned-up workplace, one of the few spots you can play is with your shoe selection. Keep the body type standard and pick a bold color or print. How fun are fun are these stripes?
Seychelles pumps, $100, piperlime.com

#6. A bag that looks more expensive than it is.
A quilted Chanel bag is the dream, I know, but ouch – that price tag. The good news is that there are tons of high-quality options out there with a timeless look that won’t drain your bank account. Case in point? This chic satchel with the size and structure that makes for a perfect work tote and will have your officemates asking where you found it.
Rebecca Minkoff bag, $265, rebeccaminkoff.com

#7. Bright earrings.
Even an aloof boss that could care less about your style choices will be forced to notice the startling hue of these earrings the next time you chat. Dangling earrings can stray into party territory, so stick to studs.
Julie Vos earrings, $65, julievos.com

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