Fashion Symposium 2014

Interviews by Bien Schumacher
Dutch Fashion Foundation and partners present:

2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM – Time for Reflection

For the first time in The Netherlands, fashion industry parties stand together to take some precious time for reflection. Most notably on the position of Dutch fashion in a shifting international dynamic. With the 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM, which takes place on the 4th of December in Amsterdam, the initiating party Dutch Fashion Foundation redirects its focus from the presentation of Dutch fashion to reflection on Dutch fashion in order to inspire its future.

This will be a wake-up call!

In which ways should Dutch fashion adapt itself to remain successful in the future, to avoid getting isolated and to remain interesting as a discipline? Whilst most other disciplines seem keen to stay ahead of the rapid changes we see in world, the fashion industry struggles with changing consumer behaviors, technological innovations and the growing polarity between fast fashion and slow fashion. It is obvious; the fashion industry is in need of a paradigm shift in order to keep up with a changing society, new needs, and with other sectors.

The symposium will cluster these significant developments and place them in a broad perspective. Instead of merely highlighting current market developments the symposium offers much more profound interpretations placing them in an international as well as a historical context. “This will be a wake-up call!”, proclaimed luxury fashion ‘power broker’ Floriane de Saint Pierre of global consulting firm Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés and the new online talent platform Eyes on Talents, when she committed to the symposium as one of the first key international speakers.

What to expect?

The symposium takes place in a unique venue called UnderCurrent, located in city district Amsterdam Noord where it floats in the river IJ offering a spectacular view on the old center of Amsterdam. The full-day program consists off a spoken column by  Guus Beumer, director at Het Nieuwe Instituut, followed by keynotes from prominent international speakers such as before mentioned  Floriane de Saint Pierre and  Claudia Banz, curator at the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, who is currently working on an extensive exhibition about fast fashion. There will be on stage debates with designers from different generations reflecting on the fashion system, a performance by  Bas Kosters, and quite some inspiration for the practice, with  Bugaboo and designers sharing their experiences with the Dutch Fashion Foundation’s foreign campaign  Dutch Touch.

The 5th Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium

The 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM is also the perfect platform to celebrate excellence in Dutch fashion with the granting of the 5th Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium. The stipendium, a considerable sum of 50.000 euro in recognition of a Dutch fashion designer of international distinction to continue his or her brand in its chosen direction, is made possible by an anonymous patron and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.

The program starts at 9:30 AM and will last until about 6 PM, including lunch and festive wrap up drinks. The 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM is accessible to all. For the complete program, additional information and tickets go to


The organisations standing side by side with Dutch Fashion Foundation to realize the 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM are: Het Nieuwe Instituut, FashionWeek Nederland, Fashion Council NL, FashionUnited and World Fashion Centre. The symposium is made possible by City of Amsterdam district of Noord, Bugaboo and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Amsterdam Fashion Tv will be Media Partner of this event

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Dutch Fashion Foundation organises a big symposium for reflection on fashion, in collaboration with partners: 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM – Time for Reflection Confirmed speakers, among others, include Floriane de Saint Pierre, Guus Beumer and Claudia Banz. The 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM will take place on the 4th of December in UnderCurrent, floating in the river IJ, Papaverweg opposite of number 54 in Amsterdam Noord.

The 2014 FASHION SYMPOSIUM will be wrapped up celebrating the granting of the 5thCultuurfonds Mode Stipendium of € 50.000.

About Dutch Fashion Foundation

Since 2001 Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF) positions Dutch fashion on a national and international level through the creation of innovative high quality services where culture and economy can meet and strengthen each other. DFF is the voice of a diverse group of fashion designers and a key figure in a network of creative professionals.

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