Expert Tips for Making Your Sweaters Last All Winter

There’s nothing more cozy and warm to wear in the wintertime than a sweater. There’s also nothing more frustrating when halfway through the season you realize that your favorite sweater is pilled, misshapen, snagged, or, ugh, shrunken. So check out my guide for caring for every kind of sweater and making them last all season long:
Thin Knits: The best part of a fine knit sweater is styling it a little front-tuck with a pair of jeans and boots. They are tops to live in. But thin knits are fragile, so launder them in a sock bag to prevent catching on anything else in the wash load that would pull and snag.
Chunky Knits: Thicker sweaters are often intricate and unique, so in care and keeping, bring this style to the professionals at the dry cleaner. There is no saving a chunky style once it shrinks in a way you hate! They are definitely the hardest knits to shop for, but you’ll know you’ve struck gold when the right one comes your way.
Cashmere: When it’s good, it’s really good, but when it’s bad, it’s totally not worth it. Cashmere doesn’t have to be expensive—and just because it is, that doesn’t mean it’s buttery soft. Though we are huge online shopping proponents, know your brands and try to run your hands over cashmere in person before splurging. Contrary to popular belief, cashmere does not have to be dry-cleaned. Toss it in a lingerie bag in your washing machine’s gentle setting with mild detergent. Air-dry flat to prevent shrinkage, and your favorite cashmere knit will remain as soft as ever!
Slim-Fit: Consider this our styling tip of the day—buy one sweater this winter that fits like a T-shirt. Don’t go for anything super skintight, but it’s always good to have a sweater on hand that’s slim enough to tuck into a skirt or pair of pants like you would a cotton tee! Wash a slim-fit sweater more often than you would other styles, since you’re wearing it more like a shirt than layered winter wear, but keep the above washing tips in mind, depending on the knit, so you don’t wind up wearing it in more quickly than you should.
Boyfriend Sweaters: Keep your boyfriend sweater clean by brushing it with a de-piller from time to time, but wear it in with love. Within reason, let it stretch in places you may not desire in other styles so that it fits your classic slouchy style best!
Cardigans: When storing cardigans, button them up. Annoying as it may seem when you are just trying to get rid of the pile of clothing building up on your floor, it will prevent wrinkles and keep the cardigan from looking drab when you pull them out again.
Sweaterdresses: Among other favorite essentials, 2015 is the year of updating the traditional dress silhouette, we are sure of it. When sized properly, a sweaterdress is flattering on absolutely every body type—nothing painted on or micro mini! Hang your knit dresses on hangers with shoulder grips or fold them up and store them on a shelf. When fresh and crisp, sweaterdresses are among the best of the best, but if they stretch over hooks or hangers, they will bear the stretch marks for longer than you would like.

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