Confession: Birthday Girl Blue Ivy Carter Is My Style Inspiration. Here’s Why…

Today marks three years to the day that Beyoncé and Jay Z gifted little Blue Ivy to the world, which means that it’s been 1,095 days since another child entered the world who, more often than not, serves as my style inspiration. I’m not embarrassed about it either. Here’s why:spacer
When we thought Beyoncé’s MTV Video Music Awards performance back in August couldn’t get any better, we were proved wrong. Rocking a metallic dress, shoes, AND bow like no one else, Blue Ivy totally stole the show.
Who isn’t jealous of Miss Blue Carter’s personalized leather jacket? I’m not ashamed to say I would love to find out where to pick up a matching one with my own name on the back. I mean, how cool does she look?
I know it was Halloween, but Blue clearly does a mean MJ impression. I just wish we could see her do a little moonwalk—with parents like hers, I’m sure she’s already mastered it.
Leave it to this child to rock a silver dress when everyone else is wearing white. It’s that inner rock star she can’t quite contain. But, then again, why should she have to?
From now on, when I want to channel my inner Parisian girl, I’m going to think of this photo. Windowpane pattern dress? Collarless coat? Perfect felt hat? Check. Check. Check. Can’t beat that effortless, classic chic look.
And, of course, let’s all take a moment to acknowledge the ultimate BIC’s mastering of the high-low and masculine-feminine dressing. If I could wear a fun, girly skirt with a boyish, sporty tee every day, I would.

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