Queen Letizia’s Latest Outfit Will Convince You That Matchy-Matchy Is a Glorious Thing

There’s a joke around the office that I’m the unofficial royal style commentator, and it’s a tease I’m totally OK with—I could talk about this stuff all day. Queen Letizia is the latest to give us a beyond-beautiful fashion moment, going completely monochrome for the Epiphany Day Military Parade in Madrid.


Typically, I’m not a fan of matching too much and support things like bright accessories adding the punch of a new color (we saw a perfect example this morning). Leave it to a queen to remind me just how stunning single-color devotion can be, especially since it takes a lot of effort to find shades that so perfectly match. Her suede heels and clutch are both the exact same shade as the sleek, belted evening gown, and the effect is simply too pretty to handle.

I’m also beginning to wonder if the one-color look is becoming an officially regal thing: Princess Charlene just did it too!

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