Fashion Experiment: What Guys Really Think of Your Low-Cut Necklines


Give me any big red carpet and I’ll give you a handful of low-cut dresses that dip so far south, it’s nearly indecent. Sunday’s Golden Globes was no exception, and while those steamy dresses look fantastic on big nights like that, have you ever wondered if they’re actually wearable in real life, or would, you know, everyone and her brother be too shocked to formulate complete sentences? An intrepid reporter at the Daily Mail took it to the streets in London where, mind you, it’s not exactly cleavage-baring weather.

“She’s showing too much flesh for the temperature, but she looks really nice, and I like her outfit,” one 27-year-old male told the paper. “A celebrity is a real woman at the end of the day; someone like Kim [Kardashian] just celebrates her body more than the next person. If a lady wants to show off her assets, she should go for it.”

“I don’t think anyone can judge her, and if you do, that says more about your character than her look,” another young guy offered (how great is he?). One of my favorite responses came from an older woman, who echoed my persistent thought that when we’re all grandmothers and approaching 80, we’ll be seriously bummed that we didn’t just wear the dang crop top and miniskirt. “She’s young, and she can get away with it,” she said. “She’s having fun!”

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