Meet the Future Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch—She’s Going to Be a Major Style Player

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch bummed out a whole lot of ladies when his engagement was announced (old-school style in a newspaper!), and you need to get to know his fiancée, Sophie Hunter. Remember when the name Amal Alamuddin meant nothing to you and now she’s wowing everyone at the Golden Globes in elbow-length gloves? Yup, Sophie’s going to blow up like that. (Also, she has fantastic hair).

This is what Sophie picked for the Globes, and it’s a perfect example of her style: a bold print and a simple style (keep in mind too that the couple just announced they’re expecting a baby, so this is how she does maternity style).

Like Amal, Sophie’s breaking into pop culture with a signature style that’s already pretty defined. I’d guess that a lot of celebrity wives and girlfriends who aren’t into fashion struggle with the insta-spotlight, but it’s obvious when a woman who knows fashion takes her first step on the red carpet.

For the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards this fall, she picked another printed gown, and I’m really feeling the drop waist. It’s such a pretty silhouette but tricky to pull off. Also—she loves dresses with pockets!

She’s mixed it up a few times too, including this all-leather look. This is exactly how I like to see leather done: not as a sexy black LBD but in a richer hue and more feminine shape. Her heels are also pretty awesome, keeping things just a touch unique with that metallic toe.

I’m completely in love with one of the few outfit snaps I could find of her not on a red carpet beside Benedict. Black trousers and a white top sounds like the most basic of combos, but hers is anything but. The paper-bag waist and boat-neck tank are both little twists that prove she knows what she’s doing when it comes to fashion.

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