Boys Night Out: Mustache Wax and Lots of Flannel

While the beauty routines of women are relatively well-documented, the way that men approach self-presentation remains somewhat more mysterious. What do men really think about when they’re getting ready to go out?

The Cut sent photographer Richard Perez to bars around the city to capture the way that men from all walks of life dress (and groom their facial hair) for a night on the town. Unsurprisingly, he found a little bit of everything, from side-shaves and carefully manicured mustaches to shiny comb-backs and the longest dreads you’ve ever seen. Outerwear preferences ranged from brightly colored flannel and superstitious sports-fan paraphernalia to fur coats, and self-described styles were as far reaching as “gay Jedi” to “wearing the same clothes as much as I can until someone notices.”

Click through the slideshow for a look at how men around New York style themselves, from artfully shaped beards to tweed sport coats — as well as some insight into what they thought about when crafting their outfits.

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