Reasons to Love H&M’s New Music Video: A Crazy Amount of ’80s and ’90s Fashion References

To celebrate its latest H&M Loves Music partnership with musician Florrie, H&M has released a music video for the singer’s “Too Young to Remember” that’s so jam-packed with ’80s and ’90s fashion, you’re going to want to take the rest of the day off and spend it jamming out to Michael Jackson and Journey. Promise. I kept tally while watching and counted at least 10 instances where past decades were referenced (including floppy discs, gigantic yellow smiley faces, and slap bracelets).


Florrie, a British former model who said she’s been shopping H&M since age 13, stars in ads for the retailer’s latest boho-inspired collection (hitting stores next week). I asked her a few questions via email to find out how it was working on the video and getting to, more or less, stylishly time travel.

On which pieces she wore in the video were her favorite:

“Probably the red polo neck with the pink coat, [but] you have to look carefully to see it as I’m only wearing it in one shot, where I hold up the boombox. I also loved wearing the pastel-colored track suit. That’s me and my best friend Annie on the phone. I’ve known her since we were little and she also plays in my band, so I wanted to make sure she had a little part in the video.”

On what she was really wearing in the ’90s:

“I was a real tomboy growing up, and my mum used to just let me pick my own clothes. I definitely made some interesting choices! There were lots of multicolor leggings and Micky Mouse and Spice Girls T-shirts. I remember I went through a phase of being obsessed with blow-up furniture too. I had a blow-up chair, blow-up cushions, and a backpack!” [Editor’s note: I completely remember this and also obsessed over an inflatable neon armchair until someone caved and bought me one from Spencer’s.]

On what decade her current style is most inspired by:

“That early ’60s style. Everyone looked so chic. Basically any outfit from the earlier seasons of Mad Men.”


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