Best Dressed at the Critics’ Choice Awards: Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Had Their Most Amazing Looks Yet!

I don’t want to get too dramatic on you, but I think Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston had their best red carpet moments, ever, last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Both women looked flawless, and even though they stayed in their signature style sets, each tweaked the look just enough to major effect. Some of the other megastars in attendance disappointed me just a bit, but no worries: There were plenty of other amazing women to stock our best-dressed list with.

See what I mean? How good is this? It’s the same sort of relatively simple, solid-color dress that Angelina Jolie typically picks, but the metallic fabric, wrap fit, and gathering at the hip make her look like a goddess.

Reese Witherspoon also had a pretty fab moment in this hot pink and black column with a bright sash that trailed down the back. You know who I also could see wearing this? Emma Stone.

The white sculpted silhouette of this gown was divine on Marion Cotillard. She gets it right way more often than she gets it wrong (as proved by how stunning her dress was at her first-ever Oscars), and this was no exception.

Sometimes Keira Knightley’s quirky picks miss for me, but I loved this gray-blue beauty. With a short hemline, say, right above the knee, this would be the dress I’d pull on with flat sandals all summer. By giving it that massive, dramatic train, it instantly turns into something ready for a movie star.

Jenny Slate is a newbie to awards-show red carpets, and I love how she’s starting off! Good choices all around with the heavily jeweled neckline, deep navy hue, and spunky belt that shakes it all up just enough.

I’m perpetually wishing Leslie Mann would get more red carpet props than she seems to because, girlfriends, she continually looks amazing. This silver Reem Acra looks so very happy, and those sheer inserts do a good job at keeping the shape from looking too straight-from-the-’50s.

I saved Jennifer Aniston for the last because, eek, how good does this Gucci suit look on her? Instead of another simple (and slightly boring) black dress, she picked this classic menswear item, sauced up by replacing a shirt with a body chain. Girl, is Rihanna starting to influence your style or what?

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