’90s Red Carpet Fashion: Throwback Pics of Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Others

I so enjoyed digging up some pics from the earliest Golden Globes that I went back to the archives to celebrate this year’s Oscar noms by seeing what they wore to their first-ever Academy red carpets (and may or may not be obsessed with that black-and-white Meryl Streep snap). I did it again in advance of Sunday’s SAG Awards, but this time I skipped the oldest shots in favor of going full-force ’90s. It was amazing.


Proving Halle Berry’s been a babe since forever is this pic. It’s almost impossible to believe that this was from 10 years ago, right?


Meanwhile, I can hardly believe this Gwyneth Paltrow pic isn’t older than it is (from the 1999 awards). She looks so baby-faced here!


I’m glad Angelina Jolie ditched the blond she had for Girl, Interrupted and has been back to her raven shade ever since. Hair color aside, this simple white dress is breathtaking on her and so timeless that I’d fully support her rewearing it to any of this year’s ceremonies.

Before she become a style icon, Cate Blanchett had the same ’90s fashion moments we all did, beaded dresses, bobby-pinned-back hair, and strappy sandals included.

I barely believed this snap of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox was from 1999. If Jen wore that now, I’d be applauding, 100 percent.

Meanwhile, the ’90s-tastic combo Michelle Pfeiffer rocked back in 1995 is way too retro to pass muster now. Shots like this fascinate me endlessly. Remember when this combo of blazer, choker, and shiny tights was the coolest thing?

Before Ellen DeGeneres started rocking the sharpest suits ever (including a preview of her own fashions at this year’s Globes), she was wearing not-so-flattering sets. And in lavender? No.

Another throwback Friends fashion moment came courtesy of Lisa Kudrow, who wore both velvet and high-shine tights.

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