For the Best Sales, You Should Be Shopping on THIS Day

Among the many feelings a good shopping trip can dredge up, there’s always just the littlest bit of anxiety. “Should I have waited? Are they going to announce a big sale tomorrow? Eek!” Well friends, we can all just calm down a bit because I’ve got some insight that’ll make shopping with confidence even easier.


“Tuesday is the best day of the week to shop online, with research showing that’s the day you’ll get the deepest discount,” Eila Mell, coauthor of How to Win at Shopping, told me. “It’s also great because that’s the day most sites post new items.” Sale hounds, take note: Thursday and Friday are the next best days to score discounts, with Saturday and Sunday being the worst.

For good deals, “shop bricks-and-mortar stores on Friday,” cowriter David Zyla said. “You’ll avoid weekend crowds and that’s the day most sales start.”

Timing could matter too, with both suggesting that the morning is better than later in the day. “People are typically more emotional at night, which can lead to making choices you’ll regret the next day,” Eila said. “For online flash sales especially, sizes and colors are often extremely limited so the earlier the better.” They also brought up memories of my long-ago retail career, when an entire team of overnight workers would sweep in to organize and replenish the merchandise. Your chances of finding a specific item, color, and size are greatest when the stack’s been most recently refreshed.

There’s a pattern to big clearance sales too, with hefty price slashes happening six to eight weeks after clothing arrives on the sales floor. If you’re eyeing something particular, it wouldn’t be insane to make a note on your calendar for six weeks after it first pops up and check back to see if the price has budged. “January and May are great for shopping since that’s when stores often have their biggest clearance sales,” David added.

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