Cold Hard Fashion Proof That You Probably Have a Lot in Common With Kate Upton


The new Mario Sorrenti-shot Express campaign features bombshell Kate Upton, and aside from the entire super-hot supermodel thing, it turns out she has a lot in common with me (and, therefore, you). I got to preview the pretty pics and then asked her to spill a few of her fashion firsts.

First-date outfit?

“My first date was to the movies, and I wore jeans and an Abercrombie shirt.”

First pair of high heels?

“A pair of gray BCBG heels. I think I still have them!”

First expensive fashion item you bought for yourself?

“The first thing I bought to celebrate a great moment in my career was a Prada purse.”

First thing you bought from Express?


First outfit you felt exactly like yourself in?

“I love jeans, boots, and a leather jacket.”

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