Olivia Palermo’s Best Fashion Advice and Outfit Ideas, Right Here, Right Now

Olivia Palermo is so crazy well-dressed, all the time, that I can hardly believe it. Seriously! The style star is celebrating a birthday tomorrow (happy 29th!), and, as such, I’m sharing her best fashion advice, tips, and outfit ideas, as told to Look.


Dress for your body.
“The biggest fashion faux pas I see is when women don’t wear the right shape for their frame,” she said. Ask a sales associate at your favorite store for advice, read up online, or simply take a piece you love to a local seamstress and ask if there are any alterations she’d do to make it work better on you. “That little nip of tailoring can make all the difference.”

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money.
Olivia’s well-documented outfits prove she’s a pro at wearing pricey designer items along with more inexpensive pieces (I’ve reported on her in Old Navy, Loft, and plenty of Zara). “It’s not about how much something costs. I always like adding a bit of high street to things.”

Rely on color in bad weather.
“I always say wear a little bit more color in the winter. Take basics and layer and play,” she suggested. I’m applying her thought to rainy or gray days when, even though not freezing, something’s still lacking. “For summer, all you need is a great dress.”

Take time to look your best—it matters.
“Confidence has nothing to do with physical appearance, but looking your best will make you feel your best,” she said. “Wear something that makes you feel amazing, regardless of trends, and take your time with makeup and hair. Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so keep telling yourself how great you are.”


Don’t worry about what your guy thinks too much.
She says she gets ready separately from her husband and on the occasions she does ask for an opinion, it’s when she’s finished getting dressed. She’ll listen sometimes (“we grow together”) but also ignores it if she loves a piece or her look.

Mix jewelry.
Olivia identifies herself as a big fan of accessories who always has jewelry on. “I play around with it, and I love to mix colors. I don’t have rules like ‘You can’t wear silver and gold,'” she said. “I have a gold bracelet my mom gave me that I wear almost every day, [and then] have a great cocktail ring or a statement piece you can throw on and play it up.”

Look at everything for outfit inspiration.
She named Tokyo, menswear, and museums as things that have inspired her when getting dressed. “You can really be inspired by every single thing.”

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