Stain-Proof White Jeans? Here’s How They Handled Coffee, Red Wine, and Chili

When it comes to jeans, I’ve heard a lot, from pairs distressed by lions to professional breaker-in’ers to skinnies that smell like fruit. Even so, the promise of Joe’s Jeans Spotless still grabbed my attention immediately: white jeans that wouldn’t stain? I asked for a pair and got busy getting messy.


The range includes multiple styles of jeans and shorts and is treated with a wash that repels most liquids (though not “pigment-based colors” like nail polish and makeup). My first test was morning coffee, spilled completely on-purpose by tipping my mug a little too far to the side. The liquid rolled off the fabric in little balls, almost as if it was a magic trick, and I was so impressed I tried it again. Same result, no leftover color.

Later, I cooked chili for dinner and opened a bottle of red wine. I dribbled a little bit of the wine on my legs and watched it slide right off just like the coffee had. Hurrah! The tomato-sauce-based chili wasn’t quite as perfect, leaving a light mark even after I dabbed at the stain with a paper towel and put them through the washing machine. It’s faint though and won’t keep me from wearing them again. Also to note: I rubbed the chili in, whereas both the coffee and wine didn’t receive much agitation.

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