3 Spring Lingerie Colors You Should Start Shopping Now

You know how right around this time everyone says you’re supposed to spring-clean your home? Well, I’m a firm believer that applies to your bras as well. So I caught up with Helen Mears, head designer of Adore Me, to see what new lingerie colors I should try this season. Here’s what she suggested…


Green: “From soft aqua tones to bright spring buds. All shades of jade greens inspire a fresh take on this nontraditional lingerie color. Try green if you want to go for something unexpected and different.”


Yellow: “Bright clear yellows look especially fresh when mixed with pure white or barely there pinks. An instant pick-me-up after this long cold winter, yellow will quickly brighten your mood.”


Combinations of Orange, Coral, and Pink: “Think desert flowers, seashell pinks, Georgia peach, coral rose, or pink lemonade. These warm tones of varying shades suit all skin colors and transition well from spring to summer as their intensity deepens along with your tan.”

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