Glee’s Fashion-Obsessed Becca Tobin’s Fashion Advice Is a Lesson to Us All

After high school, you probably did your own thing—college, work, or maybe military service. If your alma mater was William McKinley by way of Glee, thinking about life post-school is a little different. Actress Becca Tobin plays Kitty Wilde on the show and found her second life via her fashion blog June Moss. To celebrate the site’s redesign, I asked her some style questions, including the outfit she wore when she auditioned for her big gig.


AMSFTV: When did you start your blog? How did you decide it was something you were interested in?

Becca Tobin: I started it in September 2012 as more of a hobby than anything else. A really good friend of mine is a talented photographer, and I’ve always loved fashion and styling my own outfits, so we decided to collaborate. I also wanted my fans to get to see my personal style since I spent so much time in a cheerleading uniform on-screen.

AMSFTV: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

BT: Everywhere, but lately I’ve been drawing most of my inspiration from social media. I follow a lot of fashion blogs on Twitter, and I’m constantly taking screen shots of the stuff I find interesting.

AMSFTV: What was the first fashiony piece you remember buying? What was the last that you got really excited about?

BT: I’ll never forget my first big fashion purchase. It was a teeny, tiny Prada purse I bought in high school. My grandmother, June, was always my biggest fashion icon, and she was a pioneer of high-low styling. She’d wear a designer bag with a $30 outfit and look chicer than anyone! The last thing I bought that I’m super excited about is a pair of classic black, d’Orsay Manolo Blahnik pumps. They’re timely, but more importantly, they’re comfy!

AMSFTV: When you found out you’d gotten the Glee job, did you celebrate with a fashion splurge?

BT: I bought a beautiful black Givenchy bag. I’m a sucker for handbags…

AMSFTV: Do you remember what you wore to audition for Glee?

BT: Yes! I was in a green American Apparel crop top, a black miniskirt, and combat boots. I’ll never get rid of any of those items.

AMSFTV: What outfit feels the most you?

BT: I feel most like myself in a boyfriend jean, booties, and simple V-neck T-shirt. I love pieces that just fit really well and feel great on.

AMSFTV: What’s the best style advice you’ve ever gotten?

BT: “You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.”

AMSFTV: Of all the people you’ve worked with, does someone stand out as having great style that really inspires you?

BT: Gwyneth Paltrow has a super-cool but low-maintenance look. She’d come to set in a pair of skinny jeans, slip-on sneakers, and a T-shirt and look amazing but effortless. She’s a great example of dressing casually but still looking incredible doing it.

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