Is There Such a Thing As Sexy Jewelry? We Asked A Guy Jewelry Expert His Thoughts

When it comes to getting dressed, I’m a pretty massive proponent of wearing whatever you like. One of the few times I’m willing to pick my outfit with someone else’s preferences in mind is date night, where I always set out to still be completely myself, but with little influences that show I know what my guy likes to see me in. Miansai founder Michael Saiger talked jewelry with me from that most intriguing of perspectives: a guy that knows about accessory design but is still, ya know, a guy.


AMSFTV: What’s your favorite type of jewelry to see a girl wearing?

Michael Saiger: One or a few key pieces, but not too much. Simple, but making a statement is good. Right now I really like the combination of rose gold and silver—rose gold is really having a moment. I’m liking modern styles too, like those we just launched in our newest collection for Miansai. I design things I like—a balance between masculine and feminine with a modern twist.

AMSFTV: What kind of jewelry reads as sexy to you? What would you want to see a girl wearing on a first date?

MS: Really clean pieces, not anything too over-the-top, is especially sexy. You want to still see the girl, not just her jewelry. For a first date, an item of personal significance is nice because it can be a conversation starter and let’s you learn something about that person. Jewelry can really tell you a lot about someone, not only their aesthetic, but also their life. Depending on the piece and their relation to it, you might learn about an experience they had or someone who’s important to them.

AMSFTV: Any jewelry that would turn you off?

MS: I’m not really into a full-blown “arm party.” It can get a bit overwhelming. A few girls in our office are really great at finding that perfect mix—they’ll layer a watch with a Hudson cuff and a Modern Screw cuff in different metals, and then a personal piece on the other arm. It ends up feeling natural, whereas that super piled-on look can feel very forced.

Overall, you have to be comfortable. If a girl is constantly messing with a piece of jewelry, it’s awkward. For practical reasons, I’m not into too many rings. If I’m holding your hand, I don’t want to be stabbed or feel like I’m holding hands with a hunk of metal. That’s not sexy.

AMSFTV: But really, how often do you think guys notice our jewelry?

MS: I think guys notice, we just aren’t always vocal about it. We definitely notice if it’s something that we’ve given you, so make sure to wear those pieces.

AMSFTV: What’s the dude stance on girls wearing different jewelry every day versus the same pieces?

MS: It’s nice to have a collection of things that you really like to match your mood or where you are going for the day, whether it’s to work or on a weekend. Changing it up every once in awhile keeps it interesting, but I understand loving a piece and wanting to wear it every day. When you wear the same pieces daily, it really feels like an extension of you. For me, I hope that the girls who wear our jewelry feel a bit of both: loving them enough to wear every day, but also feeling they’re special enough to wear them for a big night out.

AMSFTV: Any dating disaster stories involving jewelry you’d like to share?

MS: Yikes! No disaster stories to report so far. Fingers crossed I won’t be experiencing any in the near future.

This is a picture of Michael looking amazingly date-able with a dog. The cutest, right?

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