Then & Now: The Ladies of Mad Men Dressed Way Differently When the Show Started

When AMC premiered Mad Men back in the summer of 2007, I don’t think hopes were especially high (Anna from the entertainment team confirmed that it was the first TV show that really put the channel on the map). The lead actresses were basically unknowns and, obviously, we’re all aware that’s changed. Increased name recognition often leads to better and better style, and I’m happy to report these cast members are no different. Here’s what they looked like in 2007 and then 2015. Take a look at these pix:

january-jones-mad-men-style-changeJanuary Jones is a daring red-carpet dresser who loves pushing the style envelope. When the series first premiered she, like all the ladies, dressed more casually than a current red carpet would dictate. Her boldness has always been there, but it’s now shown through a more refined lens.

christina-hendricks-mad-men-style-changeChristina Hendricks has always been va-va-voom, but as the seasons have stacked up she’s learned to play up her shape. At the original premiere, full-length outfit shots weren’t the norm, so all we have to go off of is this side view. Her basic dress wasn’t doing anything to highlight her insane bod, whereas now she’s often in dramatic, retro-inspired silhouettes.

elisabeth-moss-mad-men-style-changeElisabeth Moss went ultra simple at the series premiere in a basic black LBD (exactly like the kind that crowded the closet of every girl I knew in college). Her style hasn’t evolved to anything overly flashy, but she plays with more prints and arresting details now. The neckline of this pick from a recent event is almost identical, but the color blocking and red accent heels take it all up a notch.

kiernan-shipka-mad-men-style-changeKiernan Shipka is the wildest to compare, though of course that has to do with the growing up she’s done. She’s always gotten points for her age-appropriate style, and it’s matured as she has, morphing from little-girl frocks into tea-length dresses perfect for a young lady.

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